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Bootcamps are growing!

Or at least outdoor fitness is, and here’s why.

fun, energetic, diverse, results driven functional exercise.


We are over the moon to now be working closely with Evolution Fitness, that means there is now more opportunity, more times and more locations available for you to train (PAYG Cards only).
Outdoor Functional Fitness training, “Bootcamps” can now be accessed in Hexham, Corbridge & Stocksfield.

See our Timetable for further details.


What we do;

While it may put some people off, those who train outside grow to love it and quickly, no matter the weather. We train outdoors in all weathers, utilising different areas depending on the conditions. Training outdoors ‘always’ provides perfect training conditions, no matter who you are, you are more adaptable than you may think.

Once you have warmed up the cold will become a thing of the past, while we get down and sometimes a little dirty. Using all areas of the Sele Park in Hexham, we mix our training up to provide fun, energetic, diverse, results driven functional exercise. This can include short burst of running, getting on some mits and pads, bringing out some kettlebells or chucking around some Dynamex Med Balls. Obviously with your instructors having a military background, the odd military manoeuvres may also be found in the form of circuits.

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Train with us and you can expect to see improvements to your physical ability and appearance in as little as 3 weeks. Our clients have achieved results that include substantial fat loss (as much as 3 stone) to those who have also gone on and ran their first adventure race or GNR. We are also proud to say that so far 10 clients have successfully used iCan Bootcamp to feel great on their wedding day.
We are confident that no matter what your goal, iCan Bootcamp can give you a brilliant advantage over other forms of training, while having FUN.


Whos it for?

Those who want to have fun and ACHIEVE!

Our instructors will support you, no matter who you are.

With clients ranging from 18 to 60, beginners in outdoor training to GB Basketball players, it is for anyone who is willing to have a go.
No its not easy, no matter who you are you will start off a trialist and find your first Bootcamp a challenge. It won’t be long though until you are floating liking a butterfly and stinging like a bee.


Whats GREAT;

With so many clients achieving more than they ever thought possible, we are glad to genuinely say our training can be life changing.

SOCIAL; we also boast a very social and friendly group of members who openly make everyone feel welcome that joins up with us and if you follow our facebbok page, you will also find us a fairly social group away from bootcamp.

What makes it great for myself ‘David Atkins (Head Coach)’, is the number of people who use iCan Bootcamp as a platform to achieve so much more. Whether its a fun career in adventure racing, improving their day to day physical ability or just really seeking out more adventure and challenges that would have never previously been considered.
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