Karen Vipond

  It is with a big thank you that I can say with a mix of motivation and empathy from the instructors, I now feel the confidence to take on almost any challenge

    Having joined ‘ICan Bootcamp’ and the team around March (2012) I remember struggling to just to do the warm up, now I love every session and feel ready to have a go at anything. The variation of classes can be a mix of fun and hard work but the options offered by the instructors always kept myself included all throughout the year.

I have different targets in fat loss or weight throughout the year, with a little extra encouragement from the instructors I have always gone on to basically hit these. Over a 7 month period I have lost 2 stone in weight & dress sizes, with many more inches.

Another target that I had given myself was to take part in the ‘Race for Life’, I was hoping for 40minutes but managed 33minutes.

Testament to my achievement’s at Bootcamp would be, having one week notice to run the GNR (2012) and completing it within 2hrs 45mins, I felt fantastic afterwards I was also amazed to feel no fatigue or soreness the following days.

It is with a big thank you that I can say with a mix of motivation and empathy from the instructors, I now feel the confidence to take on almost any challenge.




Megan Lamb

I have always been quite a sporty person, having played rugby and more recently net ball, I joined ‘I Can Bootcamp’ towards the end of 2012. Having spent a lot of time at the gym I found I wasn’t encouraged or pushed enough to really achieve anything meaningful. I have been to various bootcamps before in Hexham and Newcastle but after a few sessions with ‘I Can Bootcamp’ I decided to cancel my gym membership and sign up fully.


Even I find some sessions really hard but you only get out what you put in and the variation of classes keeps it interesting.





  Teresa Jordan

I joined Ican bootcamp at the beginning of 2012, my main aim was to improve my general fitness and to tone up. In the past I have been keen on running but struggle to feel inspired. I really enjoy the bootcamp as the exercises vary and the encouragement from the instructors and the other members keeps me going. The instructors not only encourage but offer help and advice on most areas of improving fitness.

Finally one of the best feelings is knowing you are working really hard but still having a laugh whilst doing so.





  Mark Winter

Last year I joined Dave & Eddy at boot camp as often as possible inbetween working offshore.


Last year one of my life time ambitions came true when I completed the Great North Run and in a cracking time of 2 hrs 4mins, when I look back at my training regime and how much I enjoyed loosing weight and getting fit, I owe it all to Dave and ‘I Can Fitness’.

It’s now a new year and I think Christmas was a little to good ha ha.

2013 and am looking forward to doing it all over again, see ya Monday !!!



 Susan Dodds

If ICan do it then anyone Can!

I started ICan Hexham Bootcamp in Jan 2012 overweight, lethargic and unhappy, oh and of course very,very nervous! Exercise in public? Me? Never! Or so I thought! I was welcomed with open arms which immediately eased my nerves, once the paperwork was out of the way I was ready and raring to go!

That was a year ago and I’ve never looked back! I love it, I take it at my own pace but am gently encouraged along the way and therefore pushed further and further each time, as an instructor Dave knows when to push and when to ease off but there’s definitely no slacking allowed!! If like me you know you need to lose the weight and get fit then this is perfect for you!

I had also for a number of years hoped to complete the GNR in aid of Kidney Research. This year, finally I built up the belief to give it a go and thanks to I Can Bootcamp, chuffed to bits I completed it!

If ICan do it then anyone Can!

Thanks Dave & Eddy and my fellow bootcampers see you on Monday!



  Andi Keen

ICan fitness Bootcamp,

Bootcamp AndiHaving previously been with a different bootcamp company I had noticed ICan Bootcamp operating at the same time as us and thought it looked much more fun.
I attend ICan Bootcamp twice a week, it is full of different exercises that helps you loose any unwanted weight as well as building muscle and fitness level.
The reason that I joined is to build up my upper body due I was unable to do 5 press up without stopping for a rest. Although being pushed I can now do 15-20 and have improved across all other areas of my fitness.
Also I have done the great north run twice now and I want to beat my time for 2013, with ICan fitness I will get tips and exercises to help me do that.
I would recommend ICan fitness Bootcamp to anyone as I feel like it doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, you can do a full hour session and walk away thinking that you can achieve anything..



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