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Carole Weatherley;

Dave has worked wonders starting with a full health MOT, the setting of some short term goals and discussions on what types of training I’d like to participate in.

I have found this to be the ticket as I get easily bored and loose interest – I was the girl at who’s school report read  “gets easily distracted”.

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Julia Hayward;

Thanks for all your advice and encouragement – think I might have given up long ago otherwise!

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Jill Taylor;

thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting to get fit and toned

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Helen Goodson;

AMAZING!! Love it! Dave totally changed my outlook and my body!!!!

He boosted my self esteem too! It’s hard work but hard work and dedication gets results. I got my results quite quickly, lost 6 inches off my waist and 8 pounds in weight inside a month!
Dave makes it interesting and fun no two sessions are the same and always varied. He also shows you that you don’t have to flog yourself to get results. 15-20. minutes 3-4 times a week plus training with Dave is more than enough. I can’t recommend iCan enough. It changed my life for the better.


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