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Home, Gym or the Great Outdoors, iCan Fitness is there for everybody

What can you expect?

  • Your Goals understood
  • Personal Programme
  • Results
  • Lifestyle change
  • Improved overall lifestyle
  • Enjoyment & Satisfaction Also see our article ‘Do I need a Personal Trainer



We will speak to you about what training will most engage you. We offer, Military Style Circuit Training, Kettlebell training, Boxing, Dynamax, HITT, Endurance, Resistance but in general we like to mix the whole lot up making it fun and dynamic for you.

Hexham based Personal Trainers, experts in weight loss, nutrition, adventure race training and whole body conditioning. We offer mobile, home or in the park Personal Training throughout Tynedale, from Haltwhistle, Haydon Bridge, Hexham, Humshaugh, Corbridge, Stocksfield and Wylam.

We are happy to talk to you if you do have any questions about what we could do for you and what you could expect. We strive to have a friendly but firm approach to your training and really help you with every element of attaining your goals.

Read more about our trainers here ►David AtkinsEddy Thompson


Probably the most important part of any good Personal Training is GREAT Goal setting. Using SMART goal setting structure, together we will create a programme for you that will not only inspire you and keep you motivated, it will help to create a great sense of achievement and a look at lifestyle change. This can be simple and means we will only ask of you what is applicable and manageable.
All of our options start with a consultation and a look at your individual goals and how these CAN be achieved.

We have three options for you to look at, if considering PT we would strongly suggest that you contact us and arrange a FREE consultation. While this will give us a chance to better pitch our product to you, it will help you understand exactly what you hope to gain and which product is perfect for you. DSC_0503


Which Option? This may depend on where you are at with your own fitness/confidence/physical exercise knowledge. All of which we will improve while training with us.


After looking at your Goals with you, we will detail what will be required from you around what you can do. This will look at your schedule, what you enjoy doing and what you are expecting to achieve.

  1. The main Personal Trainer; We will do everything for you, get you warmed up, stretched, trained, set you a personal programme and complete your own personal dietary analysis with forward planning.
    Great for those stepping into the physical fitness world for the first time or in a long, or those who just want the ‘full lifestyle change’ service we offer.
  2. Only the Middle Man; When happy to do so, you warm yourself up and ready to go, we train you hard for 30 minutes. Hitting target intensities pushing you to your goals. You then do your own cool down and stretch off.
    This is done in 30 minute sessions 3 x per week, £15 per session cheaper than a single PT session at £20 (£60 per week)
    This is great for anyone who have a base knowledge of fitness training and can warm up and stretch effectively.
  3. Cloaking; Only offered to Bootcamp members, one instructor will cloak (follow round) a group of up to 4 clients. Monitoring their individual heart rates and ensuring they are doing each exercise with perfect form. Oh and of course making sure you (the client) are working to your full potential.
    At £10 per session, those who already attend bootcamp can get the absolute max out of every session. For this we do ask you to pre-book your session so that we can ensure we have the instructor in place and a HR monitor ready to go. 

    For further information on costs, please visit our COSTS page and please contact us for further information.

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    May 19, 2014 at 8:22 am · Reply

    Hi Kate,

    Yes I do think I can help. Enthusiasm can hit us all, including myself at times.

    If you would like a consultation please give me a call (maybe text me and I will call back when able to) and we can sort out time for a chat.


    Healthy Regards
    Dave – If you could respond to confirm you have received this email in some way, I would really appreciate that. Not sure whether all these are going out properly and computers aren’t my forte!

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