Mad March Mare

Mad March Mare

Posted on October 11, 2014 · Posted in General, Personal

Adventure Races:

Its all about adventure races at the minute. There is an epidemic sweeping the country and it about to hit Hexham. As one of the fastest growing ‘things to do’ out there, adventure races are being embraced by all levels of age and fitness. If you don’t already know from reading our blog, iCan Fitness are big into Adventure Races. There is no AVERAGE race but they normally involve taking on a course that will involve you tackling obstacles while you get wet and muddy. While this may not sound everyones cup of tea, those who have done them, generally love them and can’t wait to do the next one. With this in mind, it is great to know that on March 7th 2015, Hexham Race Course will see Tynedale host its very own Adventure Race with the Mad March Mare’.

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 If you live anywhere in Tynedale, Stocksfield, Corbridge, Wylam, Haydon Bridge, Hexham, Humshaugh, Bellingham, Slaley, this really is the opportunity to experience an Adventure Race first hand. If you have ever or even never been a member of either iCan Fitness as a Personal Training client or Bootcamp client but are considering the Mad March Mare we will be happy to give you any advice you may ask for regarding training. Having completed an average of 6-8 Adventure Races each year over the last 5 years, we think we can advise a little on this.

Training & Course:

10km (6.1 mile) – That DOESN’T mean you have to be able to run 10km, it just means you have to complete it.
Various Obstacles

While we do not know too much about the course as yet, we do know it takes place on and around Hexham Race Course.

General physical requirements for a race like this would be to confidently be able to run/walk 10km BUT please remember running 10km will be impossible without the odd stop due to obstacles.

We recommend:

A recommendation of at least 8 weeks training would be beneficial to most for this, including a mixture of self body weight exercises and including some shorter sprints with some longer steady runs.
Training Timetable

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We would encourage anyone from Tynedale to take a look and get involved with this race in some way. We really believe this could turn into something of a landmark event for the people of the area, bringing with it some extra trade to the fantastic Market Town of Hexham.

While there are options for your training, we would strongly encourage you to get outside and amongst the elements, whether this is training with iCan Bootcamp or not.