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Its all about OUTDOOR

Posted on March 26, 2015 · Posted in General, Personal


Whatever you are doing in the fitness world right now, a growing number of people are realising ‘Its all about outdoor training’. Whether this a Bootcamp, Running Club, Triathlon Club, Open Water Swimming or many other outdoor fitness classes, everyone is turning to the outdoors.



Well to start with its FUN FUN FUN and DIVERSE!

Outdoor training allows for adventure and real functional training, with a huge upsurge in people taking part in cycling, triathlons, obstacle races and adventure runs. With a diversity of landscapes and arenas that allow you to achieve so much more than you can inside the confines of a standard gym. You can have more fun working your body to better and more functional extremes.


Simply by working on different surfaces and working with differing inclines, this makes the body engage core muscle groups and major muscle groups more effectively. For anyone wanting to become and effective runner, short hill sprints are a must and thats not so easy on a treadmill!

Recent years have seen a huge upsurge in the number of people completing their first Triathlon and the number or Obstacle Courses or Mud Runs that are now available make them the in thing to do.


The Diversity that outdoor training offers cannot be paralleled in a gym. Bootcamps for example are no longer just about military style circuits with someone shouting at you to do this or that. Bootcamps, in most cases and depending on the instructors, now can be anything from body weight, boxercise, running, kettlebells, core training.

When & Who with?

If you live in Tynedale and haven’t started yet, there are now more opportunities than ever. So whether you might fancy just getting fit and having fun at a Bootcamp or going the whole hog and doing a IRON MAN, here are a few options.

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