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You can do things you never thought possible!

  iCan philosophy is to make exercise enjoyable and promote a belief that you CAN do things you never thought possible! This might start by losing a the tyre from the mid-rift, getting into the best shape of your life or just improving overall health. For some, last year, it was taking part in their first GNR, for others this year taking part in their first Adventure Race. It could really be anything though. Realising how much fun physical activity can be when you get out there and mix it up. iCan Bootcamp or PT mixed with simple diet changes will give you the confidence, strength and energy to tackle any problem, set yourself some great goals and actually look forward to training.

‘If you want to soar with eagles, don’t hang out with turkeys’

Operating throughout  Hexham, Tynedale and Newcastle, iCan Fitness work mainly with an interactive, functional style of training.

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While we appreciate this may not be for everyone, we do start steady and build things up. Eventually not only will you be seeing/feeling the rewards but you will have learnt whole new ways to train yourself. Oh and had some damn good fun doing so!

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We know that there are many reasons people may seek a personal trainer, whether it be from getting into shape, taking part in an event like a marathon or most importantly just to improve your overall health. Because of this we take an indepth look at you as an individual and tailor our training around your goals

Whether it is Full Personal Training or our First Class Dietary Analysis & Weight Management, we will take an individual look at your lifestyle and help you all the on your journey
Train from the luxury of your own home, in the gym,  outside or just come along and join in with our very popular and sociable circuit classes


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  1. Mark Winter
    January 6, 2013 at 7:13 pm · Reply

    Last year I joined Dave at boot camp as often as possible inbetween working offshore. Last year one of my life time ambitions came true when I completed the Great North Run and in a cracking time of 2 hrs 4mins, when I look back at my training regime and how much I enjoyed loosing weight and getting fit, I owe it all to Dave and ‘I Can Fitness’.
    It’s now a new year and I think Christmas was a little to good ha ha.
    2013 and am looking forward to doing it all over again, see ya Monday !!!

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