‘If you buy a Ferrari and put diesel in it, my guess is it ain’t gonna run very well!’

  • Reduce Fat
  • Lower Bad Cholesterol
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Increased Energy Levels

We are not ‘Dietary Therapists’, we are however ‘Weight Management’ Experts.

Our top class ‘Dietary Analysis & Weight Management’, is more education than, ‘Eat this’ ‘Don’t eat that’.
Fully qualified in ‘Weight Management’ we work along guide lines set out by the ‘Foods Standard Agency’,
to give you ‘Non Fad’ diet results, in a safe way to find better health

This is true fat loss not crash dieting weight loss, there are no you must do this and must not do this only and indepth look at you
personally and workout your very own weight loss plan

We will take a look at your full dietary intake, against physical activity output.
With the information gathered from you we will breakdown your full dietary intake into seperate food groups and overall calorific intake
against calorific out-put. Then by sitting down with you and going through the results, we will suggest a number of small changes to your
diet & physical lifestyle making very achievable long lasting results that work

We will not only show you how simple it can be to control your weight but educate you in ways that could reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improve overall health


Find exercise you enjoy, buy good food and eat well – Life is worth living, do all that you can for as long as you can. Look after yourself

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